Unique tropical island
property for sale

  • 7.5 hectares

  • 800 meter beachfront

  • Fully titled


Looking for a one-of-a-kind tropical island property?

Our stunning island property boasts 7.5 hectares of land, including 800 meters of pristine beachfront, untouched nature, and a thriving wildlife population. With a reef surrounding the island that has been off-limits to fishermen since 1994, you can enjoy breathtaking dives in crystal-clear waters.
Plus, the property has a clean title and is available for purchase by arrangement. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to own your own private paradise!


Area 75’459 sqm | 7.5 ha | 18.5 acres
Beachfront 800 meters
Coordinates 12.8581489 N | 120.7520131E
Owner Pandan Land International Corporation
Proof of ownership Fully titled including deed of sale
Land category Commercial (CR) /Agricultural (A4 / A10)
Foreshore lease possible
Asking price 4’500’000 USD


Existing Eco-resort with bar and restaurant,22 bungalows (max capacity 60 guests), dive shop building, workshops, 2 management and 2 staff buildings. 1 safari boat (50ft) and 3 service boats. The resort and dive shop are fully operational with business license and mayors permit.

Company website: www.pandan.com

Location and Surroundings

Pandan Island is situated off the coast of Sablayan Town, in the Mindoro Occidental province. It is accessible by boat from the mainland with 15 minutes (1 nautical mile). Sablayan has a population of around 50’000 people with basic supplies such as a daily market, hardware shops, pharmacies and two hospitals. The closest airport is in San Jose (85 km) with daily flights to Manila. Manila is also connected by ferry from Abra de Ilog (Occidental Mindoro) to Batangas (Luzon). There is a ferry connection to Coron (Busuanga) two times a week from San Jose.


The whole property is covered in tropical vegetation with an abundant bird population. The reef surrounding Pandan Island has been designated as a marine sanctuary since 1994, making it an excellent location for diving and snorkeling. Being an isolated island, Pandan Island operates on solar power and is not connected to the local power grid. Although there is water available on the island, it is slightly brackish and not suitable for drinking.

Development Potential

With its natural beauty and growing popularity as a tourist destination, Pandan Island has significant development potential. Its location between the popular tourist destinations of Puerto Galera and Coron Town makes it an ideal place for tourists to visit, and its proximity to the Apo Reef, which is a well-known diving site, makes it an even more attractive destination.

The increasing popularity of Pandan Island as a tourist destination has led to the recognition of its potential for further development. The local government, in collaboration with private entities, has been investing in infrastructure development to enhance the tourist experience.

Additionally, the island’s strategic location between two well-established tourist hotspots opens up the possibility of attracting more visitors, especially those who want to experience the best of both worlds. With its natural beauty and growing popularity, Pandan Island has the potential to become a major tourist destination in the area.


The property is fully titled to Pandan Land International corporation and is partly classified as commercial land (CR) whereas the rest is agricultural land (A4, A10).


Pandan Island Resort
5104 Sablayan
Mindoro Occidental

E-mail: info@pandanisland.com